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2013-06-20_1371721509Basically just wanted to briefly (or maybe not so briefly) tell the story of how/why I became vegan. Firstly i should mention I’ve been vegetarian for about 4 or so years. During the last few months of year 12 I had a horribly unhealthy lifestyle. I spent my days and nights at the library, filling my body with packeted food, coffee and more energy drinks than I care to admit. As soon as I finished school, a number of events caused me spiral out of control a bit. Most of last year I spent smoking an insane amoun of weed during the week and drinking a lot of alcohol and partying literally from the start of the weekend to the end. I got so used to the feeling of being exhausted and run down that I didn’t even realize the state my body was in. It wasn’t until April 13t 2013 (yes, i do know the exact date…that’s just how monumental it was for me!), when I sat down and had a long hard look at my life that I decided I needed a change. I embarked on a detox, cutting out all animal products, most processed foods, i dont touch caffeine or any bottle drinks (sodas, energy drinks, gatorade etc), quit smoking, decided to not touch another drug, cut alcohol out and basically anything that wasn’t good for my body. What was meant to only be a detox has now become a lifestyle choice. I can’t imagine going back to how I used to live my life. I’ve become so much healthier and happy and can honestly say I’ve become a better person for it


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thanks for sharing your story. I’m glad you made the change and that you’re being a blessing to a lot of people. -@sourceofjoy IG

  2. It’s been a while since I’ve found a vegan blog that inspired me to cook! My weekly menu this week is all based on your recipes! Thanks so much for your lovely appetizing pictures and recipes!

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