The Perfect Way to Start a Week

I got home from work today and naturally went straight to the fridge to assess the situation. After seeing the bowl of cooked quinoa I figured I’d quickly knock up a quinoa salad, however, once I started pulling various vegetables, seeds, nuts, and grain out I quickly realised that my ‘simple’ salad would not be so simple after all.

After taking stock of what was in front of me on the chopping board and some deliberation I decided to go for somewhat of a ‘superfood’ salad….which essentially meant throwing a whole heap of healthy and delicious ingredients in to a bowl

1 cup cooked brown rice

1 cup cooked quinoa

1 cup french lentils

1 cup chopped broccoli

1/2 cup sunflower seeds

1/2 cup slivered almonds

1/2 cup dried cranberries

1/3 cup roasted pine nuts

2 tablespoons LSA

1/4 cup parsley

1/4 cup corriander

1/4 dill

juice of 1/2 lemon

seeds of half a pomegranate

1 teaspoon sesame oil

2 teaspoons rice wine vinegar


Cook brown rice (I used my rice cooker). When it’s ready fluff with a fork


Prepare French Lentils by placing 1 part lentils and 2 parts boiling water in a saucepan and boiling for about 20 minutes (or until soft)



Drain excess water when the lentils are ready


While the lentils and brown rice are cooking prepare the rest of the ingredients:

Chop broccoli


Roast pine nuts by heating 2 teaspoons of rice bran oil. Pour the pine nuts in and remove from heat when they start to turn golden brown


When the lentils, brown rice, and quinoa are ready place the appropriate amounts in a bowl and mix well


Stir in sunflower seeds, broccoli, cranberries, and slivered almonds



Mix in the herbs and pine nuts



Squeeze half a lemon in. Mix in the rice vinegar, and sesame oil



Top with pomegranate seeds


Just as I served the salad, my sister successfully finished her first attempt at spiced almond milk (you could say that she was feeling very inspired by Pressed Juices amazing almond milks!)


IMG_5174 IMG_5176

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