The Best Kind of Sushi

Sushi has always been one of my favourite things to eat, however because I try  to avoid white rice it’s never easy being able to find good brown rice sushi. So, I figured why not just make it. Most people seem pretty intimidated by the actual process of rolling sushi, and to be honest I definitely was as well. However, once you get the hang of it, it’s such a great skill to have because it means you can prepare this super healthy snack really quickly.



1 cup cooked rice (Note: works best with warm rice, so if you are using left over rice make sure you heat it up as warm brown rice sticks together much better than if it was cool)

1 tablespoon rice wine vinegar

1 teaspoon mirin

1 cucumber thinly slice

1 carrot thinly sliced

Glazed tofu (see instructions below)

Note: I’d usually add avocado as well but sadly we had run out


Combine the rice, vinegar and mirin in a small bowl and let sit while you prepare the glazed tofu (instructions below)


Glazed Tofu: 

1/4 cup rice bran oil

1/4 cup ABC sauce

Firm Tofu


Thinly slice the tofu and lay flat on paper towel


Place another sheet of paper towel over the tofu and press down firmly, allowing the moisture in the tofu to be absorbed


Heath the oil and sauce in a pan over medium heat.

Add the tofu slices and toss in the sauce, letting each side sit in the bubbling sauce for a couple of minutes



Remove from the pan and place on baking paper to cool while you prepare the rest of the sushi.

Place a sheet of seaweed on a bamboo mat (the shiny side down) and place the rice on the seaweed. Spread the rice out on the seaweed ensuring to leave a couple of cm’s at the end.


Place a few pieces of the carrot, cucumber and tofu across the first 1/4 of the sushi. Some people choose to place the ingredients in the centre, however I find it easier to roll this way. Note: If you’re not vegan I would suggest squeezing some japanese mayonnaise over the fillings, I added it to the sushi for the rest of my family and they loved it


Fill a very small bowl with water.


Use your thumbs and forefingers to pick up the edge of the mat closest to you. Use your other fingers to hold the filling while rolling the mat over to enclose.


Gently pull the mat as you go to create a firm roll


To stick down the end of the seaweed (the part you didn’t cover in rice) dip your index and middle finger in the small bowl of water and run along seaweed, ensure to wet the whole ways cross. Roll the sushi in the bamboo mat once more to stick down the seaweed.


Let the sushi roll sit for a few minutes to allow the seaweed to dry and therefore be completely stuck down. The trick to cutting sushi without it difficulty is to wet the knife before.



Serve with wasabi, soy and pickled ginger

IMG_3981 IMG_3984 IMG_3987

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