The Art of The Rice Paper Roll


In my opinion rice paper rolls look a little bit intimidating when you think about actually making them yourself – and when I first attempted them they came out….well…less than perfect.

However, they are one of those things that are easy to get the hang of and eventually just become second nature. The trick isn’t just rolling them properly but also picking the right ingredients to go in them. After playing around a little I’ve found that this combination is pretty damn good. I probably make about 70 or so rice paper rolls a month (could easily be more), because the whole family absolutely loves them. They are just one of those things you can have for lunch, as a starter, or just as a snack.


Shredded lettuce

Sliced avocado

Thinly slice carrot

Firm tofu (cut in to narrow strips)

Vietnamese mint

Sweet chilli

Vermicelli noodles


Prepare your ingredients

In a bowl pour boiling water over the noodles and allow them to sit for 5 or so minutes


Wet a tea towel (this is what you will be preparing your rice paper rolls on – the dampness of the towel ensures the rice paper itself doesn’t stick or tear)


Pour warm – boiling water in a large bowl. Place your first rice paper sheet in the water until it starts to soften. When this happens remove it from the water and place on the wet tea towel (if there are air pockets, spread out with your hands)


Start placing your ingredients on the rice paper (just above the centre) ensuring to leave about 4cm on either side. Begin with the noodles, lettuce and carrot.


Follow with a few pieces of avocado, two pieces of tofu, 2-3 vietnamese mint leaves, and sweet chilli


To roll the rice paper roll:

Fold both of the sides in to the middle of the rice paper roll


Fold the top pieces in to the middle (ensuring that it is pulled tightly). Then roll the same as you would a sushi: hold the folded piece with your thumbs and roll the fillings over with your index fingers ensuring to pull tightly.




One thought on “The Art of The Rice Paper Roll

  1. I love to quick fry my tofu so it goes all crispy, add a few crushed peanuts & coriander and dip in sweet chilli sauce! Fave thing for lunch anyday! Love your blog xox

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