Nasu Dengaku (Miso Glazed Eggplant)



1: Cut eggplant in half and cut th cross cross pattern in each side (careful not cut in to the skin underneath)

2: Brush with sesame oil

3: Place face down in oven and cook for about 5-10 minutes on 245C (keep an eye on them you basically just want them to feel soft to touch)

4: Flip them over so criss cross is facing up and cook for 5-10 minutes again (should be very soft to touch when ready. Can burn easily so be careful)

5: while your eggplant is in the oven mix the following ingredients in sauce pan: 1 tablespoon mirin 2 tablespoons miso paste 2 tablespoons sugar

6: Take off stove when boiling and brush generously on eggplant

7: Top with sesame seeds and spring onion

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