A Cause for Celebration

So finally this is happening!!!!! Decided it was about time that i started a blog — it’s far from being completely finished, but I had so many people asking for a blog that I figured it was better to just start somewhere and continue editing the aesthetics as I go! This will be my first proper post, however, you will be able to scroll through and find majority of my instagram photos and the recipe to go along with it. Basically this blog is a way for me to breakdown recipes with images (because it just seems a lot easier that way rather than a single photo on instagram! I also have some product reviews coming up that I’m really excited to share with you guys. Hope that you enjoy this blog as much as I already am, and if you ever have any questions or suggestions feel free to let me know in the ‘Contact’ tab above 🙂 And what better way to celebrate starting a blog than with a seriously tasty lunch! Zucchini Fries:  Line a tray with baking paper. Cut zucchini in to fries shape (3 should make about 40 fries) set up three bowls. First Bowl: flour with garlic salt (can use any flour: all purpose, wholemeal, oat etc), Second Bowl: water  Third Bowl: bread crumbs.  IMG_2836 Roll each piece of zucchini in flour mix then water and then breadcrumbs. IMG_2837 Line up fries on cooling rack and place in oven on 200C for about 20 minutes or until golden IMG_2838 Served with hot sauce IMG_2903 Wasabi Cucumber Salad: With a mandolin thinly slice 2 cucumbers IMG_2854 In a bowl mix together: 1 tablespoon rice vinegar 2 teaspoons wasabi  1/4 teaspoon soy sauce When ingredients are combined, place cumbers in bowl and mix to coat the cucumbers – set aside IMG_2856 After 15 minutes remove cucumber from liquid and top with sesame seeds IMG_2887 Chop Chop Salad: Combine chopped broccoli, grated carrot, grated red pepper, a handful of coriander, 1 avocado and the seeds of half a pomegranate IMG_2859 For the dressing I mix together another lot of the wasabi dressing and poured it over the salad IMG_2885 Perfect way to bring the dish together….pomegranate infused water! IMG_2896 Was seriously such an incredible feed IMG_2870

3 thoughts on “A Cause for Celebration

  1. I’ve been following you on Insta and I’m so happy you’ve started a blog – you’re pictures and recipes are really inspiring and mouthwatering. Love it already!

  2. I looove your new blog! When it comes to vegan inspiration, you are my favorite source! Your instagram is always full of wonderful recipes and incredible pictures.
    Veganism doesn’t have to be boring!

    Keep doing what you’re doing. Maybe someday we will see your recipes in vegan cook books worldwide 😉

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